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Why Graphics Are Important

January 21, 2009

The problem with many websites is that they simply are not attractive or visually appealing, and secondly they’re just plain difficult to use. This is where eye-catching web graphics is vitally important. If your website is not appealing or attractive in any way, a website user simply moves on. Why?

1.Graphic Design creates professionalism
While you may have the best product in the world, if your website is second-rate in the visual department your company is seen as, simply put, unprofessional. As commerce and e-commerce has evolved, the public’s general perception of good graphics has certainly been heightened. This is also true as more and more of the public use computers, and even know simple things like fonts off-hand. People intuitively know what looks professional and what doesn’t, and a lack of any good graphics simply gives the impression that your product and your company must also lack in professionalism and pride. It’s the same as when a guy walks into a boardroom with a clean cut and well-fitting suit. People sit up, take notice, and immediately assume he knows what he’s talking about. Web graphics and credibility work hand in hand.

2.Proper web graphics creates accessibility
This is perhaps where most people don’t understand the power of graphic design for the internet. But, getting this right is the fundamental difference between a successful website and non-successful website. Again, you may have the best product in the world but – simply put – if people can’t find the buy now buttons no one is going to order your product. Proper graphics equals an efficiently performing website.

This is why your webpage’s buttons for click, buy now buttons and navigating buttons are so important. They need to be seen easily, they need to function easily, and they even need to be visually appealing. By creating this mix you are, in effect, creating an EXPERIENCE for your customer : and this means, they will return to your website and even tell others about it, either through traditional word-of-mouth or new media word of mouth (such as blogs, social bookmarking sites etc.) The importance of this point cannot be overstressed.

This is also important when you consider what blog header templates or squeeze page templates to use for your website. You want your website to be a delightful experience to your customer, as this increases your standing with them in both your product and your company. Bottom line : it gives the impression that you are a customer-friendly and professional organization– an impression that may be true of your company, but needs to actually be represented adequately otherwise web users will not believe it.

So, these two points show why and how web graphics and internet graphic design are VITAL for the image of your company and product. Should they be neglected, you can actually cause negative results not just for your website, but your entire company image. Many web-designers do not focus their graphic design on these two areas correctly, and so it is most helpful if you keep your eye out for them; especially if you, as a company, are looking at hiring a web-graphics expert for your website needs.

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