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video: How to set-up a Local test site

February 11, 2013

This is for anyone who wants to setup a test site on their computer for wordpress.

Very useful information for web designers, thought I would pass it on.

What Does Your Design Say about Your Business?

February 17, 2011

It is estimated that once somebody lands on your webpage, you have less than a second to grab their attention and to keep them from hitting the back button, never to return again. This can be done in a number of different ways, such as improving on the headline that is on your webpage but tell you the truth, you simply can’t beat what a well-designed header for your website is going to be able to do. Why is that the case?

Quite simply, there is a lot of truth to the saying that a picture is worth 1000 words. By providing them with a well-designed header graphic, you’re not only going to be able to put a headline in graphic format in front of them, you can add to that headline with images that will really make it pop. Doing this properly can make the website stick in their mind very easily and can compel the visitor to look further into what your website has to offer.

Of course, it is not only important to make sure that the header is designed properly but you would want all aspects of the design of your website to follow suit. This would be true of any other graphics that are available on the webpage, such as your logo and perhaps an e-book cover. By having all of these things in place, you help to make the flow of your webpage smooth so that the individual goes from the top of the page, all the way down to the order button with ease.

Must I Make an Internet site? Do I Necessitate One?

May 18, 2010

Individuals constantly want to follow the latest obsession, be it taking part in fashion, sports activities, that sort of fad. Websites have become a necessity to nearly every person. Businesses, corporations, individuals, even young adults have produced personal web pages with their respective reasons, be it for earnings, or intended for enjoyment.

What one must consider, nevertheless, prior to making a internet site, are the factors in which should be put to contemplation prior to doing so, for instance the charge, upkeep, use, web host and so forth.

First, associating with all the rate, we must always aim to get an inexpensive host, not spending a lot, nor moreover small. An affordable host does not exactly represent a reputable reliability ranking, but we should always try to find value in favor of currency offers. Plus, concerning the performance as well as server/web host reliability, there are lots of  cases of web hosts not providing the service they’d guaranteed others, various had even close up and had been nowhere to be seen. Keep this message at heart, because if you need a good-lasting internet site, this could be the very first thing to look for.

Next, would hiring an experienced be reasonable? Is it the most suitable choice? For easy internet sites, we can continuously get the coding, or just utilize programs, because it is relatively uncomplicated. Nonetheless, in relation to further complex coding, as well as whenever you would like it to perform a tad more than simply providing information, doing business with help in this the most effective means. Not only in terms of design, on the contrary defense is also a key factor in assuring a top quality internet site. If the website additionally acts like a doorway for organisations, precautions would unquestionably be the problem at this point.

Therefore, having measured the items to perform ahead of constructing an internet site, will we really Require one? If producing one would increase product sales or else showcase encouraging implications to oneself, in that case by all means, drive upfront then execute what’s best. Yet again, planning is the key on the road to victory, in everything we tend to complete.

Need an inexpensive website designed? Check out

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How to Receive HTML Web Design with the Economical Technique

April 28, 2010

Typically, if you happen to like to have expert designers custom manufacture your html web design site, you should be set to dish out at the very least several hundred dollars. All could alter once you understand where to unearth the finest offers, the best html web designs in favor of the bottom cost. This is a estimated guide:

Primarily, you should recognize that it is a rip off to find agencies to carry out html web design on behalf of you. Maybe you have looked at those advertisements appearing in newspapers categorized classified ad sections that present a 5-page html web design site at $1500? These businesses are well-known agencies with tangible locations; as a result they arrange to augment the amount they cost to compensate for various overheads: office rent, designer’s wages, publicity expenditure and so on.

Thus, it will be clever to find freelance designers who toil from home. These citizens are regularly working from home. As a result they don’t experience an extreme business asking price akin to that relating to a company. On the other hand, they are proficient to create images as well as quality like to those of creative designers from large businesses, therefore it will be a “no-brainer” preference.

However, select freelancers with precision. The finest way to perform this would be to go to or There, you can actually post the abstract of the mission and find thousands of freelancers to propose in your development, therefore you will certainly obtain the best agreement. On top of that, you will be able to choose the html web designers based on their understanding, historical dealings plus rankings, thus your cost for cash is safe.

An alternative path you can actually choose would be to make your personal html web design yourself. Consider regarding it, if you only call for 5 simple web pages to communicate various trouble-free information, why fritter away thousands of dollars in support of it? Merely expend a little time to sit down then complete it yourself. You will be proficient to propose your individual websites even though you do not comprehend a solitary line of HTML code with the support of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) tools for instance Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver and so on.

Helpful Graphic Design and Webdesign sites

October 4, 2009

Here are 5 sites for insperation and help with your graphic design and webdesign projects.

1. Graphic design articles to quench your thirst for graphic design and web design topics.
2. Print design templates take a look at these creative graphic design templates for brochures, flyers, newsletters, stationery, postcards, ads, menus and posters for a variety of businesses.

3. More: colorburned | graphic design resources, tutorials, and more!

5. Com/learning: video tutorials for graphic designers providing tools and information you can trust – and use – on your very next project.

6. Free icons, graphic design, inspiration, wallpaper, visual illustrators, in the past, were never ever mentioned in the same breath as traditional or fine artists, and they have consistently came second best in comparison with traditional graphic designers.

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Three Web Design Elements to Avoid

February 28, 2009

There are many components of good web design which include accessibility design, interface or layout design, user experience design and graphic design. As webmaster you want your visitors to have the best experience possible when they are on your site.

If you have the best product or service and if your site is poorly designed it will drive your visitors away. The following three elements are annoying to me and I’m sure alot of other web surfers out there are just as annoyed with them as I am. So here we go.

1. Background music – Not advisible unless you are promoting a band or other music related items. Don’t loop the music. It gets anoying after awhile. If you must have music at least have the option to mute or turn it off. Also, users on dial up will not appreciate the longer download time to view your site.

2. Extreme large or small text – Keep your viewer in mind when choosing the size of text. If you have mostly older viewers then by all means use a larger text. 14 or 16 point text should do in this case. And don’t go smaller than 10 point. 12 point is standard in most cases. Visitors want to view your content with out straining their eyes.

3. Pop-up windows – Pop-ups are annoying. Yes, I know alot of you use them to get the viewers attention. And you have success with them. But for the most part they get in the way of reading the important content on your site. At least I hope you don’t have important information in your pop-ups. It may not get seen.

Keep these three tips in mind when you design your website. Or if you already have a site compare these tips with your site. Take heed, and you will have a more effective site.

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Web 2.0, What is it?

January 8, 2009

I’m sure others have wondered the same thing, but were afraid to ask. Being more of a print designer than a web designer, I really didn’t know exactly what Web 2.0 was. Besides using a blog to draw traffic to my site. Well now that I am doing some web design and web images now I had to find out more about Web 2.0. So this is my take on the subject.

Web 2.0 supposedly stands for the second generation of the web; whose users focus on collaborating and sharing of information. Instead of one way highways we now have a community driven web experience. This makes using the internet personal again.

The way users collaborate and share information is through the use of blogs, social bookmarking sites and RSS feeds or really simple syndication. These devices give the web user and the website owner an opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas. Business owners should use this opportunity to connect with clients and potential clients. Get a website or at least a blog setup with RSS feeds. Then post to your blog when you can, and then bookmark them. Of course you should read other blogs and put bookmarks to them also.

Other elements that make web 2.0 what it is include rounded corners on boxes instead of the standard rectangular shapes. Images now have a reflection instead of a shadow. (I like the sleek 3-D effect it gives the image.) Whitespace is OK to use in web design now. Once upon a time information was packed into a website, not anymore. This makes reading a lot easier. Finally, larger fonts are being used. This aids in drawing a reader’s attention to a headline or highlighting other important information on the webpage.

This pretty much covers what web 2.0 is all about. We could delve deeper but that would make for a really long article. Let’s save it for another time or two. If you need help with your web design give me holler.

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