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Web 2.0, What is it?

January 8, 2009

I’m sure others have wondered the same thing, but were afraid to ask. Being more of a print designer than a web designer, I really didn’t know exactly what Web 2.0 was. Besides using a blog to draw traffic to my site. Well now that I am doing some web design and web images now I had to find out more about Web 2.0. So this is my take on the subject.

Web 2.0 supposedly stands for the second generation of the web; whose users focus on collaborating and sharing of information. Instead of one way highways we now have a community driven web experience. This makes using the internet personal again.

The way users collaborate and share information is through the use of blogs, social bookmarking sites and RSS feeds or really simple syndication. These devices give the web user and the website owner an opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas. Business owners should use this opportunity to connect with clients and potential clients. Get a website or at least a blog setup with RSS feeds. Then post to your blog when you can, and then bookmark them. Of course you should read other blogs and put bookmarks to them also.

Other elements that make web 2.0 what it is include rounded corners on boxes instead of the standard rectangular shapes. Images now have a reflection instead of a shadow. (I like the sleek 3-D effect it gives the image.) Whitespace is OK to use in web design now. Once upon a time information was packed into a website, not anymore. This makes reading a lot easier. Finally, larger fonts are being used. This aids in drawing a reader’s attention to a headline or highlighting other important information on the webpage.

This pretty much covers what web 2.0 is all about. We could delve deeper but that would make for a really long article. Let’s save it for another time or two. If you need help with your web design give me holler.

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