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Color, Color, Everywhere & Their Meanings

May 23, 2014

color-emotion-guide Here’s a handy chart giving insight on what these popular brands had in mind when creating their logos. You can add this insight to your next creative project. Do you use color psychology in your branding?

Share your thoughts and experiences with your color choices.

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The Importance of a Logo for Your Business

January 11, 2011

It doesn’t matter if you are running an online company or if you are beating the streets in your local area, one thing that can have the ability to make or break a business is having the right type of logo. This is not only going to help to imprint your business on the mind of those who see your logo, it is often going to make you stand out above the crowd of other people who are also trying to get the attention of your clients.

For local businesses, a logo is perfect for the business card and since your card is probably going to be put into a folder with dozens of others, you would want to make sure that yours is seen immediately upon opening that folder. The Internet is really no different, and you would want to make sure that your logo was easily identifiable on your website, as well as popping whenever anybody happens to take a look at it.

When choosing somebody to do your logo design, it is not only important that they are experienced at the design aspect, they also need to be able to work for you effectively so that you’re going to be happy with the finished product. This would include unlimited revisions, but you should have somewhat of an idea as to the direction you want it to go from the very start. If not, an experienced logo designer can also give you some direction and may be able to help supplement your imagination so that you will be as happy as possible once the logo has been designed.


November 17, 2009

This is the site to check out trade marking information.


Graphic design this week, Oct. 22

October 22, 2009

Here are 3 links you may want to check out. I thought they were very interesting reading.

25 logos with hidden messages, amazing graphic designing tricks!

Graphic design articles to quench your thirst for graphic design and web design topics.

We encourage you to share your discoveries about favorite or famous graphic designers and illustrators with other readers.

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