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Cropping and Optimizing With Irfanview

December 24, 2008

Today we have a tutorial on cropping and optimizing an image using Irfanview. First of all open your copy of Irfanview.  Go to Start > All Programs > Irfanview. Then open any photo you have that you want to crop. I am going to crop this picture of one of my cats.

Cat image selected

Cat image selected

Place your pointer in the general area that you want to crop your image to. Left click, hold and draw your mouse out to an angle. A box will form around your image. As in the image above. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect. Release the mouse button.

Place your curser over one side of the box. It will turn into a double arrow. Now you can click on the line and drag it to where you want the image cropped. Do this on all sides if necessary. When you are satisfied with your selection click on: Edit > Crop selection.

 Cat image cropped

Cat image cropped

Congratulations! You now have a perfectly cropped image.

Cropped image of cat

Cropped image of cat

Next we are going to optimize the image so you can use it on your website or sent it to a friend in an email.


With your image still open, click on: File > Save for web. A dialog box opens with an image on both sides of the screen.

Image optimize box

Image optimize box

The image on the left is the original image. On the right side is the optimized version. This dialog box give us file choices to save our image as and quality setting for the image. Since we are working with a photo, a Jpeg or Png is a good choice. A Gif file works best with an image such as a logo.

We will save ours as a Jpeg with 75% for the quality. This can be adjusted up or down to suit the quality and file size of the image. Below the optimized side you can see the current file size as opposed to the original file size.

Finally click on Save as to save your optimized image. In the next dialog box remember to change the Save as type to Jpeg if necessary.

Optimized cat image

Optimized cat image

Now you are ready to use your optimized image on the web. Your customers and friends will be happy with your faster loading images.

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Tip: When using graphics on the web make sure to optimize them to under 60k.


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Pop Art Tutorial using IrfanView

November 6, 2008

Here is a tutorial for those of you that like to add a little pizazz to your photos.  The best thing is that it won’t cost anything if you don’t have PhotoShop or something similar.  The software I used for this example is IrfanView. It can be downloaded for no cost at

After you have the software downloaded and installed, start IrfanView. Click on Start> All Programs> IrfanView. Then open any photo of your choosing from your computer.


Open image in irfanView

Next, from the menu bar, click on image> effects> effects browser

Image effects for IrfanView

Image effects for IrfanView

From there this dialog box will open. Click on solarize> OK. The dialog box will close.


Image effects dialog box in IrfanView

Then, again from the menu bar, click image> color correction and a new dialog box will open.


Color corrections dialog box in IrfanView

In this box set the contrast slider to 80, the gamma correction slider to 0.20, and the saturation slider to 100, as the diagram above illustrates.
click on OK.

There you have it, your own pop art photo. Feel free to change the settings to get your own spectacular effects.


Water Scape Pop Art with IrfanView