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Mind The Marketing Gaps

July 24, 2014

Guest Contribution By Bob The Teacher

It’s easy as an entrepreneur to focus your attention on the cutting edge of new technologies, marketing strategies, and the latest tools. I know that doing so keeps me on my toes and I love to share new things with others. But in that focus there’s a danger of missing the obvious ways to generate more revenue and profit in your business.

These are the marketing gaps that show up more and more in any business that continues to grow. The truth is there are always going to be new ways to make money in your business, new tools to learn, and new technologies to test out.

But forgetting the basics, overlooking the holes that get wider, and neglecting the golden goose: these are all ways that we are missing out (and that includes me!).

I challenge you to find the holes in your marketing and fill them.

Not with new ways of doing things, but the solid, proven things you already know how to do but have either forgotten that you know them, or simply have been putting them off for way too long.

This week, let’s talk about those gaps and how to fill them. I’m going to show you what gaps exist in my business, how I’m finding them, and what I’m doing over the next few weeks to patch up those holes.

These will be simple tweaks, but with powerful results that combine together to regain lost revenue and solidify long term profits.

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Sneak Peek: 7 Ways To Mind Your Marketing Gaps

Here are 7 ways you can mind your marketing gaps (these are what I’m focusing on, too):

    • Discover where traffic on your website is going that is not actually working (i.e., 404 error traffic)


  • Determine popular pages on your website that aren’t monetized at all, or could be monetized better



  • See which videos on YouTube are getting attention, but aren’t effectively monetized



  • Examining sidebar bloat



  • Replacing out of date websites with related but current marketing funnels



  • Optimize follow up sequences in Aweber by tweaking older messages



  • Add new messages to lists where the bulk of subscribers are at the end


These are just 7 examples that I’ll be diving deeper into in the upcoming training. Join me for those and many more in Mind The Marketing Gaps!

Bob The Teacher

p.s. What gaps in your marketing do you already know you want to fill? Post them below with a comment!


In receipt of Service From A Self-employed Web Designer

July 14, 2010

On the movie Star Trek, deep space is considered for being the ultimate boundary. Since common civilians will not be yet capable to finish the trek to hunt new worlds, the smartest thing any person can do is reach out to family in numerous  states in addition to international locations by means of talking in cyberspace.

The Internet has become a helpful resource for a lot of persons. Not just can somebody send off an email or do research, this can double to implement trade. This is better referred to as electronic buying and the only technique to do that is by means of making a web site.

The web site should introduce the services or products the entrepreneur is offering. Those who prefer to persuade somebody to buy NBA wear ought to offer the products to ensure people can check it out. People that like it can leave an request and really the only thing to complete is bundle it and send this to the recipient.

Not everyone is a computer professional or has the slightest notion of how to produce a site. Fortunately, the entrepreneur could possibly get service from a freelance web artist who can set the whole thing up as well as cause it to materialize.

The first thing the entrepreneur ought to accomplish is talk with the specialist. There needs to be a degree of understanding regarding what should the website accomplish. The initial piece is coming up with a name.

Web based companies have got to sign up a trade term similar to what’s prepared with the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC. This certifies that the entrepreneur is the correct title-holder and nobody can draw on this to carry out business or exploit it.

After the name has been established, the next idea the entrepreneur needs to be acting on is the objective for this business. Investigation reveals we now have in excess of a million establishments doing business on the net.

A newcomer is just an additional statistic. What makes this location stand out among the others? Why should a shopper patronize this recent one whilst you will find others on the market that have previously established itself inside the industry? This can be challenging however those who are strong-minded may well accomplish something.

It’ll take weeks to get the whole thing running. The entrepreneur should not sit down and simply expect the freelance web artist to pop a rabbit out of a hat and make it operational. This could be checked once in a while if this goes to the specs belonging to the consumer.

Prior to launching the web site, the last thing to perform is check it. The entrepreneur can pretend to be a consumer and examine all the systems. The best method of doing it will likely be for a few acquaintances to test it and offer opinion.

If the web site has glitches or is just not client pleasant enough, modifications must be made. These errors could be trifling however this will likely cost the entrepreneur millions of dollars if this is not take cared of properly.

When it’s all systems go, the entrepreneur should advertise the internet site. This could be featured in the varied search engines or an electronic mail attachment could be forwarded to acquaintances.

The hard work can pay itself off in the next few weeks and months. An important ingredient of getting an online site is preservation therefore the entrepreneur can still utilize the services of a freelance web artist or gain knowledge of the basics to be hands on with this new venture.

Till next time,

How to Receive HTML Web Design with the Economical Technique

April 28, 2010

Typically, if you happen to like to have expert designers custom manufacture your html web design site, you should be set to dish out at the very least several hundred dollars. All could alter once you understand where to unearth the finest offers, the best html web designs in favor of the bottom cost. This is a estimated guide:

Primarily, you should recognize that it is a rip off to find agencies to carry out html web design on behalf of you. Maybe you have looked at those advertisements appearing in newspapers categorized classified ad sections that present a 5-page html web design site at $1500? These businesses are well-known agencies with tangible locations; as a result they arrange to augment the amount they cost to compensate for various overheads: office rent, designer’s wages, publicity expenditure and so on.

Thus, it will be clever to find freelance designers who toil from home. These citizens are regularly working from home. As a result they don’t experience an extreme business asking price akin to that relating to a company. On the other hand, they are proficient to create images as well as quality like to those of creative designers from large businesses, therefore it will be a “no-brainer” preference.

However, select freelancers with precision. The finest way to perform this would be to go to or There, you can actually post the abstract of the mission and find thousands of freelancers to propose in your development, therefore you will certainly obtain the best agreement. On top of that, you will be able to choose the html web designers based on their understanding, historical dealings plus rankings, thus your cost for cash is safe.

An alternative path you can actually choose would be to make your personal html web design yourself. Consider regarding it, if you only call for 5 simple web pages to communicate various trouble-free information, why fritter away thousands of dollars in support of it? Merely expend a little time to sit down then complete it yourself. You will be proficient to propose your individual websites even though you do not comprehend a solitary line of HTML code with the support of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) tools for instance Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver and so on.

5 Client Types to Beware Of

May 2, 2009

I’m sure many of you who work freelance have had one or two clients who were less than desirable to work with. No offense to the clients. I bet they have had designers they were not happy with either. Here is my list of not so desirable clients.

1. Can you do my project for X amount? The answer to this could be yes. But when designers take on a project for less than normal fee things happen. Such as a lot more work being involved in the project. The designer has to do more research or the client changes their mind about a concept.

2. The client wants changes made to a project; unfortunately the source file has been lost. The first thing going through the designers mind is “How professional is this client to lose their source files?” You may or may not have back ups or archived files of the project. Perhaps you were not the original designer of the project. Do they expect you to recreate the original project for them?

3. The client that says “I love your work!”; “You’re a great designer!” Has this potential client actually seen any of your work? Are they just trying to butter you up? Maybe. Could be they are similar to client #1, trying to get a really good deal. Or worse, they don’t have the money at the moment. Could you wait until next week, next month, etc, for payment?

4. The client who doesn’t know what they want. This client says that they want something very special. Yet when you question them they are unable to explain the concept to you. You, the designer, try as you may, simply can not produce the desired results the client wants. There goes more of your precious time, wasted, for little pay.

5. The client who wants unlimited revisions for their project. There are clients who take advantage of this. Three to five revisions should be sufficient for most all projects. After five revisions the designer is being taken advantage of.

This concludes my list of client types to beware of. You may or may not choose to work with clients who exhibit behaviors such as this. I suppose it would depend on your finances and how bad you needed the work.

Till next time

Three Rules to Know: When to Fire a Client

August 16, 2008

Working as a freelancer can be very rewarding. For instance; no boss, work your own hours, and work from home. It all seems to be a great way to work until the client from hell comes along. Unless you are new to working as a freelancer you may not have met such a client as this one. Therefore here are three rules to follow so you know when to fire that particular client.


1. Create a contract with a written estimate. In the contract state specifically what you are doing for the client. What is expected of the client during the design process should also be stated. And include a written estimate of the design costs. Have the client sign and return the contract within a reasonable time frame. If the client is hesitant to sign the contract or refuses this should be a red flag. You may have trouble with this client if you proceed with the project.


2. Require at least 30% paid up front. A serious client should have no problem with paying an upfront fee. This also ensures the client has the funds to pay for the project. There is nothing more frustrating than working on a project for weeks at a time and then find out the client can’t pay for it.


3. Trust your instincts. Does a client act a little strange when meeting with them face to face for the first time? It doesn’t necessarily mean to fire them. Have another meeting with them to get to know them better first. Then take the appropriate action if needed.


There you have it, three rules you should follow when getting new clients. I hope they help so you don’t have to go through the some times painful experience of working with a problem client.