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Crayon Artist, Don Marco

January 30, 2009

Here is an artist who uses a medium on canvas usually associeated with children. His subjects have so much detail to them that it’s hard to believe they were crafted using crayons.

Bio: Don Marco was born in Northern Minnesota in the late 1920’s. His interest in art was evident even before starting school. As a young adult in the Army Air Corp, he began his life’s career in Air Traffic Control, which continued until his retirement from Honolulu International Airport in 1973. Much of his spare time was spent as a professional artist.

Before retirement, Don started developing a technique to create fine art, using Crayola Crayons. Shortly after retiring, he published his first print. Living in Southern California, his work was in demand, including commissions from Burt Reynolds and a one-man show at his Dinner Theater in Florida.

tom bert1 christ seascape river-elk

Hard to imagine these are done with crayons!!!

For more information on Don Marco visit his site:


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3D Chalk Artist

December 14, 2008

For those of you who like 3D art Julian Beever (Belgium) can give you an eye full. He is often refered to as “Pavement Picasso”. Julian has been doing his artwork for 10 years all over the world. His pavement drawings are by far the best. He has drawn works from the old masters, famous people, and 3D illusions. Julian is also noted for his fine art paintings and wall murals. 

Below is the link to his website. Go ahead and check it out. You will be amazed at the detail he puts into his sidewalk drawings.