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5 Client Types to Beware Of

May 2, 2009

I’m sure many of you who work freelance have had one or two clients who were less than desirable to work with. No offense to the clients. I bet they have had designers they were not happy with either. Here is my list of not so desirable clients.

1. Can you do my project for X amount? The answer to this could be yes. But when designers take on a project for less than normal fee things happen. Such as a lot more work being involved in the project. The designer has to do more research or the client changes their mind about a concept.

2. The client wants changes made to a project; unfortunately the source file has been lost. The first thing going through the designers mind is “How professional is this client to lose their source files?” You may or may not have back ups or archived files of the project. Perhaps you were not the original designer of the project. Do they expect you to recreate the original project for them?

3. The client that says “I love your work!”; “You’re a great designer!” Has this potential client actually seen any of your work? Are they just trying to butter you up? Maybe. Could be they are similar to client #1, trying to get a really good deal. Or worse, they don’t have the money at the moment. Could you wait until next week, next month, etc, for payment?

4. The client who doesn’t know what they want. This client says that they want something very special. Yet when you question them they are unable to explain the concept to you. You, the designer, try as you may, simply can not produce the desired results the client wants. There goes more of your precious time, wasted, for little pay.

5. The client who wants unlimited revisions for their project. There are clients who take advantage of this. Three to five revisions should be sufficient for most all projects. After five revisions the designer is being taken advantage of.

This concludes my list of client types to beware of. You may or may not choose to work with clients who exhibit behaviors such as this. I suppose it would depend on your finances and how bad you needed the work.

Till next time