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Why Should You Give Your Digital Product a Face?

October 8, 2010

3D ecovers



If you want to create your own digital product, having your own E-Cover is as important as having a nice face to be looked at.


This is especially true since unlike physical products, digital products cannot be touched, felt or smelled.


However, they can appeal to your prospects visually – and this is where good graphics can help sell.


A good stunning-looking graphic can help make your product look “expensive”, or rather “exclusive”.


That’s why top marketers invest a lot in “good looks” because they, too, know it counts just as much especially if they want to sell high-ticket items that sell for $97.00 and above.


However, this can be a problem for YOU if you DON’T have the money to invest in professional graphics software to do the work yourself.


And it can be a lot more difficult for you if you find the learning curve rather steep, making the DIY option just as less appealing.


It doesn’t matter if you have NO graphic design knowledge or experience. That doesn’t matter. Contact me to create your superb ecovers for your digital products.


This is the basis of my package, Contact me – you will discover that you won’t be spending a fortune to have me create professional 3D ecovers for you.


Find out more here, to learn why this is the case:


Till next time,

Joann Snell