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How to get a 3D ecover

September 24, 2010
How to get a 3D ecover
You can use a few solutions to obtain impressive cover art on your ebook. The 1st is to make it yourself. This is often probably the most time-consuming of the options.

To generate your personal 3D ecover, use your preferred drawing, painting or graphics software. Draw a rectangle. Include a book spine and pages to give your rectangle three dimensions to look like a closed or partly open book. Fill your sketch with interesting colors or designs. Include your title and writer byline on the front and spine. Decorate and revise ad nauseum.

If you're wondering which graphics program to use, there are several to select from. Several typical office products make available the ability to produce graphics, counting MS Word. More supple, but more complex graphics applications you could potentially employ just as well consists of Macromedia Fireworks, CorelDraw, or Adobe Photoshop. Professional cover art designers and graphics artists are likely to employ the pure, accommodating, more intricate, applications for their masterpiece. 

Developing your cover from scratch is do-able, and even you may choose to do it if you were so inclined. Nevertheless I do not advise the do-it-yourself approach. It is because, if you're short on program expertise, artistic talent, or time or if you would more readily concentrate your energies in another place, then there are more efficient ways to get cover art.

Shortcuts on the build-it-from-scratch method consist of using templates or using ebook cover art application. 
Templates are available for acquisition on the Web, and some web sites even offer free basic templates if you will link back to their site. Buying or borrowing templates will still necessitate you to add your own text and additional graphic elements, this means you'll nonetheless be investing time, a little  less time than drawing every contour of the images from complete nothing.

The majority of at no cost template websites will request a link displayed in the ebook.
Even though I haven't any motive to advocate buying cover art templates. Bought templates should not necessitate a hyperlink in exchange, and if they do, in that case without doubt don't buy those.

You may also buy specialty ebook cover software program from various web sites. I don't advocate this either. The package normally is often a puffed up set of templates, but provides you with more choices and more liberty to alter this and that. You can still do the work of designing your cover.
For those who do design your 3D ebook cover art using free or bought templates, or at no cost or bought programs, you possess the copyrights to the completed artwork and to the rest you design while using templates or software.

My advice – employ an e book cover artist
I recommend that you choose to use a designer to prepare your cover art. There are many motives. When you use a designer to create your 3D ecover cover art, you're going to get the following benefits:
1. You get full copyright and private ownership to the completed design .
2. Pros with professional skills know how to turn around your undertaking promptly. Now and again within a matter of days.
3. You avoid combating programs to make your artwork.
4. Designers are knowledgeable about what types of colors, fonts, and overall styles are better for marketability.
5. An artist can likely also help produce matching graphics for your web page menus, headers, etc.

Artists who design 3D ebook covers in general charge from $50 to $500. If your investment of, say, $100 ends in an extra 100 ebook revenue, wouldn't that be a great investment? YES! That is why I like to recommend professionally designed ebook cover art. The charge is totally offset with enhanced marketability as well as improved sales.

Review of 3D Box Maker

September 19, 2010

3D Box Maker is a virtual packaging design tool. It creates 3D software box shot, vista  boxes, ebook covers, CD covers, books, electronic magazines covers and more.

3D Box Maker has great function, but lacks in form.