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3 Motives You Need an Expertly Designed 3D Cover

February 27, 2010

professional 3d cover

If you advertise products online you need an optical image to represent your product. Many people are more likely to buy a digital item that they can see, compared to a product with no visual. Now, there are one of two ways that you can go about getting a 3d cover designed.

First, you can use one of the free or inexpensive 3d cover software and do it yourself. Or you can find a graphic designer to design it professionally for you. Personally I prefer the second option.

The first basis is you want an attractive cover. In your visitors mind an attractive, well designed cover on a product equals quality. Now some people have an eye for design and others don’t. If you do, that’s fine to design your own covers. If you don’t, then why take a chance on designing a mediocre cover. Show your visitors that your product has quality by getting a good professional 3d cover design.

Second, many of the templates out there now are out-dated. Get your fresh, up to date, 3d cover designed by a pro. They have the resources available to ensure that you have a cool and fashionable digital book cover. Professional designers know what fonts work better than other fonts. They know the number of colors to use and the meanings of colors. They can also ensure your cover image is crisp and clear.

Third, you want an exclusive design. A ready to use template book cover may not go with the theme of your product. A template of a muscle car and palm trees won’t convey your product well if you are promoting a health product. You want an image that will reinforce and illustrate your eproduct.

To sum things up, if you want an attractive, fashionable, exclusive digital book cover please consult an experienced designer. Keep these three tips in mind and you will have a 3d book cover that will have your visitors very attracted to buying your quality eproduct.

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