What are Two Types of Brochures

When designing your brochure first decide what you want to accomplish. Do you want to create interest to bring customers to you. Or, is your customer looking for more information? Once you know this choosing the type of brochure is easy.

The first type of brochure is like an advertisement. It is designed to build interest and desire in your product or service. The brochure has a big headline, strong visuals, and a call to action. Tell your customer what to do by using coupons to return, or calling you, or even better, come in to the store if you are a brick n morter.

The second type of brochure is to give detailed information. Customers who have contacted you want more detailed information on your product or service. This is definately the brochure to send them.

Don’t waste your money by sending the wrong brochure. Define your objective and use your brochure to accomplish your goal. The best option is to create two different brochures with the specific information for each type of customer.

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