5 Elements to Include in Stationery Design

When designing the stationery/letterhead for your business it’s a good idea to think about the image you want to present to someone. Remember, your letter may be the first contact that you have with a person so you want to give a good first impression. Here are five elements that should be considered in your stationery design.

1. Your company logo. If you don’t have one yet now is a good time to have one designed. It can be used on your business cards, envelopes, and all of your companys marketing materials to build personality and recognition.

2. Color scheme. Using the same color scheme on all of your companys marketing materials builds recognition.

3. Type face and style. Choose a typeface and style that reflect your companys image. Use it on all of your marketing material also. A good rule of thumb is to choose only two different typefaces for any document.

4. Important information to include. It is a good idea to include your companys name, address, phone number, email, fax, or website. Another thing to include may be your company slogan if you have one.

5. What paper? This may be something that is often overlooked. The weight, finish, and color of the paper will also reflect the image of your company. So choose accordingly. Matching paper stock will convey consistency of your business image.

Wether you are designing your own stationery/letterhead or having a professional design it for you keep these five elements in mind. Only add the information that your think is important so your stationery/letterhead isn’t crowded. Happy designing!

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