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Hi Outdoorw,

Thanks for your comment. What type of work do you do? I have been “working on my own” for almost 2 years now. Possibly less than you have Outdoorw. I think people have cut back on hiring graphic designers and doing the designing themselves. Therefore, I am not getting those clients. Sites such as and have job postings. But those postings have at least 15-40 other designers bidding on the same job.

I have used PPC, article marketing, posting to forums, commenting on others blogs, my own blog postings, word of mouth, and passing out my business card to drum up business. All of these methods at the moment have brought in few clients. The only thing we can do is to keep trying. The market won’t always be like this. Have faith!

Feel free to add other comments. Below is the comment posted by Outdoorw.



Hi JL,
How long have you been “working on your own” in your home-based business? What are the challenges you have been professionally facing with this declining economy while working from home? I work from home too.

You have provided a good source of “ask yourself these questions” assessment list for those interested in home startup business.

From Start your own Home Business, 2008/11/17 at 10:54 PM

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