Five Tips for Great Photography

How are you at taking pictures? If you are like me, I’m sure we both have room for some improvement. Being a freelance graphic designer, I have to know how to take good photos. I never know when a client will want an original picture for a project. So I thought I would share five tips to help you with your photography.

  • To create a personal and inviting composition when kids and pets are the subject, get down to their level.
  • Move your subject off center to bring more life to your photo.
  • Move in close on your subject to give it more impact.
  • When taking pictures outside, check the direction of the lighting.
  • Turn your camera vertical for more great shots.

The tips above will work for both film and digital cameras. Personally I prefer a digital camera for several reasons. First, the pictures can be viewed imedeately. Second, no waiting for them to come back from the photo store. Finally, digital photos are easier to upload to the computer.

What is your preference? Do you prefer film or digital cameras? Feel free to post your resopnse. We could get an interesting conversation going on here.

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2 Comments on “Five Tips for Great Photography”

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  2. The simpler the better! The more fun you’re having when you take your pictures, the more fun will show up in them. Freelance Graphic

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